Quite A Month! Time for a catch up

Theo tries to grow a 'tacheAs we say good-bye to November and enter into the final month of 2012, we have a chance to reflect on everything that has happened last month. November saw footballers across the globe grow moustaches as part of Movember – a charity that raises awareness through the month of November by asking men to grow moustaches for mens charities. Theo Walcott grew one or at least attempted to much to the amusement of his teammates. Also amusing teammates this month was Joey Barton with his suspect french accent during a press conference. It has to be seen to be believed and reminded us of the infamous Steve McLaren interview he did on joining FC Twente the first time around.

One person not laughing this month is Roberto Di Matteo, would was brutally sacked by Chelsea and replaced by Rafa Benitez to the joy of the Chelsea fans. It wasn’t the strangest appointment of November though. That honour went to FC Baku who appointed 21-year-old Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade because of a successful managerial career in a football management game! He’s hoping to guide the club into the Europa League in 2 years, that’s if it still exists, following Platini’s recent announcement.

Oh dear Joey...
Oh dear Joey…

Players across the world made the headlines this month too – Ayanda Patosi, Lucas Perez Martinez and one Zlatan Ibrahimovic all scored spectacular goals that have to be seen again, David Beckham announced his intention to leave the MLS, just as it announced the return of the NY Cosmos. One russian goalkeeper, Vyacheslav Malafeev was using his head by announcing his international retirement for family reason’s whilst another, Serhiy Pohorilyi was losing his head and getting sent off in the process.

Serhiy Pohorilyi connects with a Rocky like punch
Serhiy Pohorilyi connects with a Rocky like punch

All these stories made the blog this month and many more so check them all out!

Here is a choice few:

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