Bizarre Injury Sends Player To The Hospital

Injuries in football are common. Over the course of a player’s career, he or she will pick up their fair share of injuries from either playing or training. However occasionally the players will get hurt away from football during their down time and sometimes those injuries are so bizarre that the coaching staff, fellow players and fans all struggle to understand how it happened.

Take Oxford midfielder Adam Chapman for example who had to be taken to hospital recently suffering from a burnt nipple. The 22-year-old, who had just recently become a dad, was preparing some milk for his new baby as any doting father would do. After gently heating it up, he then shook the bottle, not realising that the lid was not secure. Unfortunately for Chapman, the milk splashed onto his bare chest, leading to scolding and one burnt nipple.

His manager Boss Wilder was amused by the event:

 “It’s ridiculous. ‘It is a new one for me, hopefully he’ll be okay in the future. It’s an unusual injury, but he’s managed to play the game”

Strangely this isn’t the most unusual injury. Other players have had similar bad experiences which has led to lengthy spells on the sidelines. Former Scotland striker Kevin Kyle managed to drop boiling hot water into his lap whilst trying to feed his son, leading to a trip to A&E to treat a scalded testicle. Liverpool’s former Danish goalkeeper, Michael Stensgaard was forced to retire after picking up a shoulder injury whilst closing an ironing board. Blackpool defender Kirk Broadfoot ended up in hospital during his time at Rangers after a couple of microwaved poached eggs exploded in his face whilst he inspected them.

Even seasoned Internationalist have been known to suffer from bizarre bumps and bruised egos. Former Spain and Valenica goalkeeper, Santiago Cañizares famously missed out on a starting spot in the Spanish 2002 World Cup team after accidentally dropping an aftershave bottle on his foot, severing a tendon and ruling his out of the tournament. England defender Rio Ferdinand’s injury was caused by doing nothing. After spending the day relaxing watching TV with his feet up on the coffee table, Rio decided to go to bed. That was until he tried to stand up and realised that he had managed to strained a tendon behind his knee which kept him off the pitch for a month. Finally Republic of Ireland winger Liam Lawrence fell down a flight of stairs at his home, injuring his ankle in the process. The reason – he tripped over his dog who was sleeping at the top of the stairs.

Chapman may feel embarrassed about what has happened and will undoubtably get some stick from his fellow players but he will be comforted in the fact that he is not the only player to come up a cropper when left to their own devices.