A lucky escape

Football has some issues. Like every sport, its governing bodies are tackling a host of issues that blight the beautiful game from racism to money laundering to drugs. But it’s very rare that you see this. During a recent match in Iran between Sepahan and Al-Ahli, midfielder Adel Kolahkaj was walking over towards the corner flag to take a free kick when he came across a small round black object. He picked it up and threw it off the pitch with little though. That black object turned out to be a live grenade which exploded at the side of the pitch moments after Adel had picked it up.

You can try to stamp out racism, flush out bribery and gambling but how can you stop a fan bringing a live grenade to a game?

Check out the  video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQqF96K0qys